Writer of the Week (3/15/21): Madeline Boccone

The Peanut Butter Poem by Madeline Boccone

Oh good morning! Do you need me?
It’s good to see your face, smile for me please? You’re such a pretty girl,
So what? What am I for today?
Toast? Oatmeal? A banana?
I see
Well take what you need
And I’ll see you tomorrow

Oh, you
Don’t see you much
What do you want from me?
A sauce? Savory? You know I’ve got sugar, right? I mean by all means, go ahead
But I’ve never done that before.

Oh, man. Big guy? Aren’t you allergic?
It’s not worth it, please
I get bad enough a rap
At least add some jelly not some oh God no, Nutella? You’re asking for it, bud, Better get that epipen ready.

I’m not who you think I am.
I get it, you only like good old fashioned, None of this hipster crap they sell. You’re a traditional guy, I respect it.
I’m not bad though,
I’m no Skippy but I promise I’m decent.

Oh, come on!
You’re never here, never ask me how I am, Scoffed when I was bought,
And now here you are.
It’s late and dark and you
Dig into me with a spoon
Are you some kind of animal?
I get it was a thing in the 80s but,
I think you’re a little stuck in the past.

And check out the author’s reading!

Madeline is a junior at Murrow and a member of the Writers Institute.

Interview with the writer:

Who is your favorite author right now?

Right now I’m really enjoying the work of Sarah Waters. She’s not a new author by any means but her books are long and very dramatic. Some of her more successful works are The Paying Guests and Tipping The Velvet. She does a lot of period pieces, mostly set in Victorian times.

Q: How did you come to writing?

My journey in writing started significantly in middle school when I needed a talent to get me accepted into a school I wanted to go to. Upon acceptance I had a wonderful teacher who gave me a foundation I’ll always be grateful for and a passion for sharing my work.  

Q: What is something you recently learned about writing?

Something I recently learned about writing is that the old saying “practice makes perfect” isn’t wrong! There’s no way to improve your writing without writing constantly and constantly rewriting your writing. Even if you can’t find the time to pen a whole novel, journaling or short responses to prompts are good enough practice to see a difference in your writing. :o)

Q: Do you think the world needs poetry? Why or why not?

The world absolutely needs poetry. It’s a valuable way to make a statement and express how you’re feeling about something.

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